Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Male Machismo: That'll Teach 'Em

Sunday afternoon after helping the pastor of the local church and his family here in Maryland hand out fliers for an outreach, I invited one of his sons to join me fishing. One of his sisters joined us (they have 8 kids total) also and she outfished us both in the hour or so we were out there: 4 to 0 to 0!!! Ouch. A wound to our male egos!!!

A little later we were back at church for the weekly "skate church" outreach with ramps for bikers and skateboarders as well as ultimate frisbee. Praise God: the outreach was very-well attended by first-time guests and we showed a Rob Bell video I recommended at a break in order to share part of the "Beautiful News" (according to Matt Redman) of Jesus Christ.

Afterward, I played ultimate frisbee, along with several of the pastor's kids. Alas, in a moment of male competitive fervor (our team was getting skunked pretty bad), I used my superior height (not to mention girth) to swat down a shot by one of the pastor's littlest girls. She's probably only 5 or 6!!! What a mean thing to do! I immediately felt convicted. But hey, we had to get back in the game somehow.


Beth said...

LOL! How very honest of you to admit this! :-)

tetkakata said...

This is why I don't play volleyball with boys.